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September 9 th, 2011
Dear Jenny,

I have good news. As you know we wrote a begging letter to Diamond, which they took a month over answering, during which time the debt collectors had were threatening us with court. Their answer said that if we would send them a letter from our doctor, they would consider our request; in the meantime they reduced the amount we owed by nearly half, until they had made a decision.

We paid that amount, sent them info from the doctor and waited another month. The letters which arrived yesterday, three of them, one for each week, accepted our claim, cancelled our membership and took back the membership!!

So we are well pleased. Just thought you would like to hear of some success.

Yours sincerely,
Anne Studd
June 6th, 2011
Dear Jenny,

Your correspondence arrived this morning and is very welcome indeed. The relief of not being alone cannot be calculated, your expert advice and most crucially, your undying attention, is absolutely opposite to previous encounters I have come across, with others in the industry. As you know my trust was almost destroyed, in light of previous encounters.

Single handedly you have undone all that damage. Your candour, absolute commitment and friendly nature is something very precious and admirable. With respect to your suggested draft I will of course accept what you have to say in keeping my letter to Diamond close to the text set down. However, it will be my intention to mention several facts and I will avoid altogether any emotional references to the conduct of ILG.
It will also be my intention to send copies of Consultants reports and surgical procedures. Quite a bit of research is now required on my part concerning dates Etc.

If it meets with your approval? I would prefer to send you a message detailing my intended correspondence to Diamond. Needless to say I would be extremely grateful for any comments or further guidance you may wish to mention.

Once again Jenny, may I say, coming across your path has been a revelation and I feel very fortunate to know you. I will bat on now compiling my draft letter which hopefully meets with your approval to be critical where necessary.

Yours Sincerely
John Clarke
My Timeshare Hell.

Hello my name is George I’m a 59 year young man and I have been married for more than half my life to my lovely wife Helen. However over the last few years my life has been disrupted by my never ending nightmare in Spain. Holidaying, enjoying the sun, wine and culture we decided to get ourselves a timeshare in a lovely development, quiet and tucked away, beautiful location and marvellous views.

We discussed the idea and obviously thought €13000 for our dream would be worth it. The opportunity of jumping on a plane and not worrying were to go suited me fine. We have worked hard to have the best life we could and why not spend some of our hard earned money.

We did have one 3 week spell which we really enjoyed, we spent time in the local Spanish communities, really relaxing, people watching, meeting new people and living life finally after years of hard work.

However our hell heavily destroyed the dream.

Obviously the whole acquirement of the property was slightly pressured and however nice the sales rep was, we always were slightly weary however totally blind eyed by our dream and we had already made our minds up. I’ll be honest looking back now we were completely miss sold, miss represented, and miss guided in everything from the meetings straight through to the contracts. I felt ashamed plain and simple.
Recently after increasingly alarming maintenance bills and ridiculous offers with scrupulous plans to sell my timeshare, trade it in for points, or even other holiday clubs, cost price holidays, discounts in flights even cruises. Overwhelmed we were baffled with the situation and began to wonder what was actually going on.

Rather than enjoying the fact that we had a nice place to jet off to, it became a constant regret and worry and drain of our funds, we simply didn’t understand how the costs were forever rising maintenance charges and so on. My wife thought we had been scammed but I didn’t think so, but it turns out it didn’t matter. We received a letter from the timeshare company about 6 months ago, claiming that the company had gone into liquidation. We have had people claiming to sell the property and get money back but have to pay up front, trading it in for points in other holiday resorts but we honestly don’t understand it all. I honestly thought you couldn’t sell something that was in liquidation anyway which I was right about.
We decided to just completely cut our losses with regards to the matter, brush it under the carpet and move on.
It just angered me that much I couldn’t leave it, I thought there must be something I could do.

After doing my due diligence and with a bit of luck I discovered the consumer credit act 1975 it was introduced when the banks wanted for us to use the cards, basically anything you buy on card over €100 and the company goes bankrupt, or you don’t get something that you bought it wasn´t delivered, your credit card company is liable.
Now I´m a realistic man, and most defiantly know how this world works, it´s funny how banks will do anything to take your money, but when legally they need to pay us, on that one rear occasion, they will do anything they can to make it the most difficult thing since the development of the microchip.

I found a claims company who specialises in the consumer credit act 75 they handled everything on my behalf; they didn’t even charge a commission. Timeshare Mistakes and Solutions were fantastic in the way the dealt with us, friendly caring, and we got our trust back in people again, plus the fact they got me the full amount of my money back directly from the credit card company. I fell off my chair! Now with thanks to Timeshare Mistakes and Solutions we can now stop worrying and live again.

I hope my stress will help anyone who has uncounted problems with regards to any consumer problem, you’re not alone, and do something don’t let the backs win

George & Helen Benson, Kent
My name is Paul, 5 years ago I bought a timeshare from All Star. A mistake and waste of money, getting a place abroad for the family it was and still is a good idea, I most defiantly will be looking for something from RCI in the future. I just won’t be making the same mistakes twice.

Timeshare Mistakes and Solutions solved my problems and were helpful and really understanding and very sensitive with the situation they kept me up to date with the progress and we have now spent our deserved claim Money on an a loft conversion.

Many thanks to all the staff at Timeshare Mistakes and Solutions.
Dear Timeshare Mistakes and Solutions

I would just like to say a BIG Thanks to the Timeshare Mistakes and Solutions team for helping me with my timeshare woes.
Not only was I unfortunate enough to spend €10,000 of my savings unwittingly for a timeshare in Costa del sol, we didn’t even spend any time there. We wanted out and simply found Timeshare Mistakes and Solutions after roaming through forums, full of people in the same situation.

My husband was a bit wary at first, but after educating ourselves with the consumer credit act it as obvious Timeshare Mistakes and Solutions could deliver. In 6 months we had an offer for €7000, which we almost took, but Timeshare Mistakes and Solutions got me it all.
We thank you forever.

Gill Allan
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